Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan/ Feb 2010- It's voting time!!

The time has come for your students to vote for their favorite book! This will be the 20th year for the Rhode Island Children’s Book Award, and we continue to be excited by the widespread enthusiasm it generates. Kudos to the almost 100 schools in Rhode Island that participate!
In an effort to go green, this will be the last year that we will send ballot sheets, tally sheets and evaluation forms through the mail. Starting next year all of this information will only be available on line. This year ballots can either be entered through the mail or online at, however it is very important that you only vote once. It is also very important that all votes are IN by February 19th.
The Rhode Island Children’s Book Award aims to encourage reading and to allow students to make critical choices about their reading. While we speak of the author as the “winner,” we consider all books that engage students’ interest to be winners. We encourage you to communicate this to your students. Please let your students know your school’s selection for “best-loved” book, and then share with them the statewide results when they are announced in March.
A different school hosts the award presentation each year. Be sure to fill in the information on the tally sheet if you would like your school’s name entered in the drawing to host this year’s award.

Meagan Lenihan
2010 Rhode Island Children's Book Award Committe
(Paper ballots and tally sheet can be downloaded from the RICBA web site:

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  1. Oh this is a great activity for the kids. They will know how to choose and what to choose now. I would love to let my nephew know about in casting votes for his favorite book.