Sunday, March 15, 2009

Along came Spider by James Preller

Grades: 4-6

Committee Annotation:
Spider, trying to fit in with the "in-crowd," struggles with loyalty to his life-long friend and neighbor, Trey, whose quirky personality is seen as uncool. Can the librarian and new student Ava help them through this rough time?

Subjects: Friendship, Boy-Girl Friendship, Popularity, Cliques, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Moral Dilemma, Loyalty, Peer Pressure, Growing Up, Librarians, Point of View, Acceptance

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  1. Along Came Spider is about Spider Stevens and Trey Cooper. Spider is trying to help Trey with his friends.Trey does make 2 friends during the book,read to find out.I recomend this book to people who like exciting books.

    Steere Farm School

  2. I prefer this book because it is a good book and it is very easy to read. I also recommend this book because it is a nice, funny book.

    Steere Farm Elementary School
    Burrillville, RI

  3. I liked this book. Good book


  4. i enjoyed reading this book.

  5. I liked this book very much and I loved the message it told me. I also like it because it makes you think "could this happen to me", but to me the book was kind of plain but i would recommend this book to anyone who reads about friendship.


  6. This book seems real. Sometimes it's hard to be friends with everyone at school, because other kids will make fun of you.


  7. I think that Spider was NOT being a good friend.

  8. This book was one of the best books i have ever READ. It was good becyase it explained everything so clearly. It was very understanding and i would recomend it to someone else! I liked how it was about fifth grade and i am in fifth grade. I liked it also because it was about a sport I like, Basketball. I like Spider and the library teacher because she helps with Spider's best friend Trey and his issues!

    scott sk

  9. I liked the book.

  10. i thought that the book was good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Along came Spider was one of the best Children's Book Awards I read so far! I mostly liked how Spider got his name- Spider! This book was very clear and had no out-of-subject paragraphs. I really think that other people should get o read this book too.

  12. This book was great.It was easy to follow and i knew what was going on in evrery chapter.You probaly think Spiders real name is Spider but thats just a nick name people call him.I would recomend this book to someone else.

  13. I loved along came spider!It was about how spiders school was doing a basketball fundraiser but while they practice spider runs into friend troubles.I would definatly reccomend this book to a friend!
    Erin from Matunuck